Meet the team

Here at WIT we know that everyone is vital to the success of our organisation – from the Admin staff right up to the Managing Director, everyone has a role to play and you could well join the team and start on the road to potentially becoming an owner yourself.

Here is our team.

Irram Kaleem

The Managing Director

Leonie Lazare

Head of Recruitment & Admin

After becoming disillusioned by life in the medical sector, Irram decided that a move into a new, dynamic industry was needed. After joining 3d organisation in 2007 as a field representative, Irram found that a career in marketing, sales and promotions was for her. Spurred on by the no seniority policy and the fact that your future is literally in your own hands with regards to earnings she moved up the chain rapidly. Now a managing director of WIT organisation five years later, she is the very example of what you can achieve if you set your mind to it.

Graduating from Hull University after completing a drama degree in 2012, Leonie moved to Manchester and joined WIT organisation initially as a recruitment administrator. Working closely with the Managing Director, Leonie saw her role expand as the company did. Now heading up the recruitment department as a whole and also overseeing the administrative side of WIT, Leonie has made herself irreplaceable at WIT and is a key reason the organisation has expanded as quickly as it has.

Team Bonding


Here at WIT, we feel that a happy and positive working environment means that not only will our staff perform better but will also enjoy coming into work. Our morning meetings always start the day as we mean to go on – in a positive, lively manner and recognising people for the hard work they do and the successes they have achieved. Not only do we have regular meetings and training but we also have ‘team building’ sessions and events so our field representatives can get to know each other, not to mention the managing director and reap the rewards of their success.


The Rally each year is the biggest even for WIT but we also have dinners throughout the year and ‘meet the team’ events. There have even been days out – we have visited the Lake District for a fun day of outdoor activities and have taken trips to Alton Towers in recent months. Getting together for sporting events such as the FA Cup final is also something WIT are known for doing.


We cannot say it enough – we are working with you to make a more successful WIT and our field representatives are a key part in that. Happy and confident FR’s perform better and hit their targets more consistently and team building is a vital component to this.



We are firm believers in recognising people for their successes and hitting their targets. Because each and every field representative is responsible for their own destiny here at WIT, we have some very high achievers. When the team or individuals hit their targets, we make sure they know how well they have done.


The recognition can come in a form as simple as being able to go home an hour early or being praised in a morning meeting. We also have the yearly rally and nights out – and even trips abroad for FR’s who have performed above and beyond what we expect.


The trip to Barcelona is a prime example of this – the five top performing team members were selected for an all-expenses paid trip to experience another countries Rally. This was to recognise and reward the place setters and inspire and incentivise others in the organisation. Of course there was some

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